When is the best time?

Hi Lea and Jewel! I came across your blog and was seeking some relationship advice. I am a divorced mom with 3 young children. I have recently started dating again and have been dating the same man for about a month now. He hasn’t met my kids yet and I’m hesitant to have them meet him out of fear of them getting attached and the relationship not working out. When is a good time for a significant other to meet the kids? My kids are a very important part of my life and I want anyone who is dating me to know that and be ok with that. However, I don’t want them to meet him too early either. Should I wait until our relationship is more serious?

Hey girl! I’m so glad you took the time to write to us! That’s definitely a difficult decision, especially in a situation where there’s no rulebook or guidelines to follow. As a mom who’s been there, I can say that first and foremost, you’re an awesome mom! The fact that you’re putting your kids first and taking the time to consider their well being show’s you’re already on the right path. In my opinion, there is no set timeline, but I would try to wait on introductions until you’re certain this relationship is serious. If you’re not sure this guy is going to be a major part of your life, I wouldn’t even let him be a minor part of your children’s. Trust your gut most of all, and don’t stress yourself out about it too much! Let us know how it goes ❤

~ Lea and Jewel



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