Finding a Kindred Spirit

It’s amazing how even in 2017, we still find it difficult to confide in those closest to us. Often, we fear we’ll be judged if we reveal our true emotions and secrets. We’re constantly facing situations and being forced to make decisions that, in theory, we feel prepared for, but in retrospect find it almost impossible to make the easiest choice. Why? Well, because life choices aren’t as easy as they might seem. So how do we choose and how do we decide what to do? Well, we talk to our friends, right? We vent our feelings and woes to our best buddy and hope that they don’t judge us or think less of us. But what if you have that dark secret or that one decision to make that even your best friend might hesitate to answer. What do you do? Talk to us, we will be your wingwoman.

Getting married? Been there.

Divorced? Been there, done that.

Broken heart? Yup, did that too.

Don’t know what to do with your life? Yes, you can check that box because I’ve been there too.

Is there a guy/girl you like but your not sure how to approach him? Don’t worry I’ve got your back girl.

Ugh, life is hard, and its even harder having to live and hope you made the right choice. Don’t worry, you can tell us. We won’t judge you. We won’t critize you, and if you want to hear it we will give you our honest opinions. Not only do you have one friend here, you have two.  We’ll be the angel and the devil on your shoulder, and we will also be your shoulder to cry on. We’ll listen to you vent and give you our honest, non-judgemental opinons and advice, from our unique points of view.

Email us at and submit your questions, problems, or dilemmas. We’ll post your letter and our two unique points of view. If you prefer to remain anonymous just let us know, otherwise we will only post your first name.



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